Garba and Dandiya Nights with NSIA on 8th & 9th October 2010

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Rakhi and Janmasthami festivals celibration from NSIA

Dear Friends,


As we have discusses we are going to start preparation for our coming festivals Rakhi and Janmasthami.

NSIA is inviting everyone to join the celebration. Please follow the details below for our celebration.

(1)               Rakhi


·                    Interested people (not only women, but anyone who is interested) start making Rakhis from coming Sunday 25th July.

·                    Material will be provided from NSIA, you can bring glue and scissor if you have and please do not forget to bring your ideas. See our website for photos of material we have got.

·                    We have aim to finish all the rakhis by 8th of August.

·                    You can also involve kids with this preparation that makes them more interested in Art work as well as they know about significance of festival.

(2)               Janmasthami


·                    5th September, Sunday we are going to celebrate this festival with ‘ Matki fod’ program.

·                    See our website for the description of ‘Matki fod’ program.

·                    All the kids, please dressed up traditional and all the parents please help them.

·                    We welcome all the kids who would like to play drama or story telling from stage. We do have time slot for preparation of drama into our regular activities, so kids can prepare themselves with friends without much disturbance from their parents.

·                    Timings going to be same as our regular activities which are 10.00am to 12.00pm

·                    All suggestions are welcome for this Festivals.  


So, please bring your self with others for celebrations.


Aniruddh Patel, president,

09 443 4543, 021 023 70600,


North Shore Indian Association,


Events organised by NSIA

 Upcoming activities from NSIA  members are preparation of decorative Rakhis for   Rakhi festival, Food stall at Indian Independence day, Baking delicious food items, Matki fod game for Janmasthami and many more activities. If any member has any suggestion or want to take part in it.  Please contact at NSIA office.

 What is Matki Fod game for Janmashtami ?


Janmashtami festival is a special day for the Indian children’s. This day people arrange games of “matki fod” in big ground in mid in the city. The festival of janmashtmi is also famous for the special game of ‘Matki fod’. The matki fod contest is the main attraction of many peoples on the day of janmashtami every year. At first a pot which is also known as ‘Matki’ is filled with milk, curds, honey, butter and mishri etc.

Then this pot can be suspended on the height of 25-40 feet’s Then young boys supports each other and make a circle then make pyramid one by one standing on others shoulders. At last who so ever reach and break the matki will be announced as the winner of matki fod competition.

Ladies prepare special food, sweets and specially ‘Makhan’ butter and ‘Mishri’ on their home and they offer to ‘Lord Krishna’. It is said that lord Krishna likes milk product makhan, butter and mishri he like very much so this day people served makhan, butter and mishri in children.


Events and activities ranges from Yoga Classes, Meditation, Kids game activities including drawings classes for kids, Religious and National festivals and many more things... organized by NSIA during year.

We have celebrated Holi festival on 28th February 2010 Sunday, at Marlborough Primary School at Glenfield, North Shore City, Auckland.

North shore Indian Association has organized a free seminar and workshop on Healthy way of living on Saturday 13th, March 2010 at Windy Ridge School, Sea view road, Glenfield, North Shore in which approx, 100-110 people have attended and benefited from the speech and practical  session from Dr. Rajesh Verma about   Yoga, Mediation, Laughing therapy, Yogkriya  and Gurukriya, Dance therapy.

You can see photos by click in photo gallary